Water Activates! [HK]

Hello everyone from Water activates of a preparatory meeting ! We are in Blossin`s office with Mara. We are looking forward to participating countries. There is a great weather outside. Besides there are a fussy preparations in Blossin. Mara is preparing flipchart. She tried to write ´hello´ from each language of country. But wait ! what is that ! I think so Türkish hello is not true. No problem. It is really so funny. We didnt change this word. Nobody already understood without me and Melih 🙂


While we was continuing preparations we had received the news of their coming. Finally ! They were already in Blossin. Norway,Slowenia,Poland and Crotia ! Wait.. Where are other countries? Dont panic ! The next morning they would join us. Turkey and Germany.Blossin was waiting for all of you.


After nice dinner we met in meeting room. Firstly Anne Laure made the opening speech. Her speech had everyone motivated for the program. Afterwards we played some games for get to know better each other.



The next morning after breakfast  leaders of Germany and Turkey were in Blossin. There was a air of festivity with Melih’s arrival here. Hugs, longing expressions.. All they were worth seeing 🙂


Finally everyone was here and we didn’t have a problem anymore for start to meeting. At first those leaders of each country made presentation on their organization.And now it was time to recognize Blossin. Let’s explore it now ! We made a nice trip in Blossin with Mara’s great presentation.



When we came to the front of disco we needed to small pause. Because It should be recorded this moment.As Anne Laure says, Artist DJ’ Hilal and Melih’ are finally in Blossin. We were side by side in front of the disco. Now take a photo time ! 🙂



After a short trip in Blossin we returned to meeting room. Let’s start brainstorming ! About the program of seminar,ideas,thoughts,rules,what need to take with us ?  As well as Blossin kitchen didnt leave alone us with delicious cakes. J And finally end of the meeting. So we had already program about water activities in July.Great!


Now It is time to celebrate. Welcome to barbecue party near the lake ! . Everything seems to be fine… Wait wait wait.. What is it ! Rain ! Dont worry. Pelting rain is not problem with us.. Despite the heavy rain we’ve been going to the conversation with Anne and Melih. We’ve been going to the night with beer and a nice conversation.


I want to say that everything was great. I can not wait for huge water activates program. I believe that It will be wonderful. Now I need to say ‘ GÜLE GÜLE‘ We will see you again middle of the July.. 😉


Greetings from Germany

Hilal Kırdök


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