About us

September 2013 – August 2014

We are the new ones!

Tim and Max


Hello, my name is Timothée and I’m 21 years old. I come from a little village next to Nantes in the West of France.

I stay in Blossin during one year, because I do a German-French voluntary service. This voluntary service refers to sport. I chose this project, because Sport is my passion. In High School, I did a sport option. And I did judo during 11 years.

Blossin is for me, a good occasion to learn German and in the same time, a good place to practice a lot of sport. For the moment, I speak not very well German, because I arrived on 16 September in Germany.

The Franco-German Youth Office has proposed to me this voluntary service. The FGYO is an international Organization. She organizes exchange between France and Germany.


Hi, my name is Massimiliano, but here  everybody call me Max. I come from northeastern Italy, not far from Venice and close to the Alps. I´m here in Blossin until next summer in the framework of EVS (European Voluntary Service). My German is not yet very good, so right now my tasks here are quite simple: I help in children´s activities, I pick up Blossin guests at train station and I have office task.

My first month here was very good and ended so quickly:  everybody here is friendly and kind and they forgive my grammar mistakes in German…

Blossin is a very nice place with its beautiful landscapes  between the lake and the Forest, here you have the chance to try so many different sports and other activities in water other nature.

Coming from a Mediterranean Country, before coming here, I was quite worried about weather in northern Germany. But here is no reason to worry: Germany is not behind Arctic Circle and in September we had lots of sunny days. And of course there is heating!

September 2012 – August 2013

Arkadii Rudenko

Arkadii  Hallo, my name is Arkadii, I’m 25 and I come from Ukraine. I am a translator, I learn German and English and naturally I’m interested in the culture and life of these countries. That is why I was really very glad when I learned about EVS and got a wonderful opportunity to take part in the project. Why? Wouldn’t you like to get acquainted with a life and culture of another country from inside? To learn new people and to improve your language skills?

Now, when I’m here in Blossin, I think that this is really an excellent place to make an EVS project. What can be better than excusive nature, friendly people around and a great number of possibilities every day to learn something new and to develop your personality? I find it really great that I have such an opportunity to spend one year of my life here in Blossin.

Hilal Kirdök


Hi (Merhaba)!

I’m Hilal. I am 23 years old. I am from Turkey. I graduated from economics in Eskişehir, and I am still a student in international relations. After school, I wanted to do EVS because I want to learn new languages, meet new people and explore new cultures. EVS is a good opportunity for this. My project is in Blossin. I am very happy here because Blossin is a wonderful place. Here is the shore of the lake in the forest. You can make a lot of sports activity here. Sports and music are very important in my life. This is a great chance for me. The people here are very warmth. Working with them is not that so difficult. Sometimes I work in the office, sometimes I teach sport classes and sometimes I’m Dj in Blossin disco. It’s great fun. 🙂 As well as I try to learn German. I m better now than before. The people here are very helpful to me about German. In my free time I meet my friends, go to concerts, visit a museum, and I go to Turkish classical music choir. Sometimes we give concerts with the choir in Berlin. In short I learn something new every day in here, and I’m very, very happy both in Blossin and in Germany. 🙂

Māra Lubūze

MaraMy name is Māra (notice the „garumzīme“ above „a“  – it means that you have to pronounce this letter longer) and I am a Latvian who is addicted to Blossin. 🙂 I did an EVS year in Blossin (September 2011 – September 2012) but that wasn’t enough for me. Therefore I stayed for one more year and am now working here in the frame of German volunteer programme. I am totally excited about experiental education (Erlebnispädagogik) and outdoor activities with various groups. And Blossin is an awesome place for that.


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